Media Direkt Service shall inform the Customer hereby in accordance with valid under applicable law privacy policy that all data provided by the user when registering Media Direkt Service provided or to be recorded in the course of the use of Media Direkt Service, properly of Media Direkt Service and be managed to the highest safety standards. The user can view the data given by him on its customers login at any time and change. Direct Media Service holds with respect to the personal data of the user, a data-protection laws. The data will be kept strictly confidential. Media Direkt Service shall take appropriate technical precautions to prevent access by unauthorized third parties possibilities to the user's data in the context of reasonable technical means. The collection of data is used in addition to the purposes for which personal service, advertising and market research for Media Direkt Services and their affiliates, including for purposes of commercial use by third parties (service companies, banks, insurance companies, e-commerce provider, lotteries, etc. .). Media Direkt Service is authorized to use the information of the members fully and marketing. Media Direkt Service is also entitled to transfer benefits all relevant customer data described below under the "Personal additional services to third parties" for a successful completion of the additional services offered. By registering, the user agrees to receive interesting news and exclusive offers from time to time by email. The completion of all data is voluntary, however, the data indicated in the Internet portal with (*) are required to provide the requested services to the user. Every customer has the right to object to the use of their data for purposes of advertising, market research or opinion in writing (this is the name and address of notified). A part of the essence of the Service Media Service Direct is the forwarding of personal data of the user. Media Direkt Service can compliance with data protection rules only in so far as the guarantee agency relationship with the patrons range. Therefore Media Direkt Service does not guarantee that third parties, in particular partner companies also carefully repeated with the personal data of the user. Media Direkt Service is not liable for a breach of the data protection regulations by third parties.