Terms & Conditions

Preliminary note

Media Direkt Service is a service of Media Entertainment Group to Media Entertainment Services S.A., 50TH Street, Global Plaza Tower, 19th Floor, Suite 19-H, Panama city, Republic of Panama. The service of Media Direkt Service is offered via the website Media Direkt Service. These terms and conditions (the "Terms") govern the content of this agency relationship between media and direct service to the user. Through the application / registration, the user consents to the validity of the AGB agree. For the agency relationship between media and direct service users the following Terms and Conditions apply special publications.

Scope of service and conditions of membership

Media Direkt Service is included in the General a free service that allows the user gets access to a variety of partners. The user gets on purchases over the Internet portal Media Direkt Service at the partner companies of Media Direkt Service a cash bonus (price-jerk refund). For repayment of a cash bonus of user pays first the regular purchase price from the partner company and receives upon successful execution, a purchase price refund. The amount of the rebate is from partner companies dependent, and the nature of the membership of the user. Media Direkt Service acts only as an intermediary, which represents the rates of partner companies and offers the user. The respective contract for the products is between the user and the partner companies closed directly, so for shipping and invoicing of the products, the venturer is solely responsible. Scope and performance depend on the type of membership, which are listed on Media Direkt Service. Additionally, provides Media Direkt Service depending on the membership type the possibility of further exclusive discounts which are advertised on the Internet under the terms of reference of the individual membership types or a postal been notified performance certificate to the user.

Payment of the refund

The height of the achieved refund of the user can be viewed at Media Direkt Service on account online. Depending on the membership type different percentage payout absolute value of the total reimbursements, paid by the partner companies reimbursements to Media Direkt Service, which are communicated to Media Direkt Service users apply. The rebates can always be adjusted by Media Direkt Service due to previous Ă„enderungen the reimbursements by the partner company, without the user can turn it into claims asserted. Depending on the provider different prices (the net price normally without the valid VAT.) Are considered as the basis for calculating the purchase price refund jerk. Packaging, shipping and other fees are not included in the calculation of your refund. Media Direkt Service is designed to process a refund for the user a virtual account. The user agrees to the settlement by way of credit. A claim to the cash bonus consists solely against Media Direkt Service and is payable under the following conditions:. There has been proven to be a successful business transaction via Media Direkt Service between the user and a partner company The user assumes the delivery of the goods at the shipping destination to, does irrevocably the corresponding payment in full or the revocation period has expired, the venturer against Media Direkt Service confirmed the successful conclusion of the transaction and the amount of the refund is fully credited to the account of Media Direkt Service been. Refunds will only be registered when the user logs on to Media Direkt Service with its customer login and his purchases direct actuated service at the partner company on the Internet portal media, ie, the link from the portal to the shop you provider uses and needs "Allow Cookies" option on his computer in his browser settings enabled. In the account the reimbursement amounts mentioned are distinguished as "confirmed", with "reservation" and "Cancel". Only confirmed on refunds is a claim for payment. Confirmed refunds shall be credited to the account of the user. Located on the customer to the last day of a month, an amount x is greater than the specified minimum amount in the account for payment, the user can request this amount to the 10th day of the following month. The payment will be made at the 30th of the following month, and by means of wire transfer to the bank account specified by the user. Located at the end of a month less credit than the minimum withdrawal amount on the account, this amount remains on the account.
The overall balance will not accrue interest.

Conditions of eligibility

Persons under the age of 18 are not eligible for use of the Service Media Service Direct. Media Direkt Service is entitled to require the user appropriate evidence about his age. The user has to be register in accordance with established procedures, specifying the details required for processing data. The user has to provide the information is complete and correct and undertakes not to enter any information of third parties. During registration the user with a user name and password are assigned. This access can be changed later by the user. Media Direkt Service reserves the right to refuse registration of important reasons. The user has to keep his access data secret. Dispositions that are based on the knowledge of the required password hit by unauthorized third parties and this is the fault of the user, shall be borne by the registered user. The user can change their password at any time and should make use of this possibility also periodically use. Payments of reimbursements for a paid service Media Direct -Premiummitgliedschaft can be performed by Media Direkt Service only upon fulfillment of all conditions for payout and after receipt of membership dues at Media Direkt Service. Media Direkt Service can not guarantee the validity of a contract of sale of a single user with a binding partner companies, nor has direct service Media influence on the quality of a product or proper conduct of an acquired service of the user of a partner company. Membership fees at fee-Media Direkt Service -Premiummitgliedschaften be carried out by Media Direkt Service by direct debit, phone bill, or otherwise agreed payment methods. If the contribution e.g. be due to insufficient funds or other reasons not redeemed and the fee not be paid on the specified account of Media Direkt Service within two months, succumbs to the accumulated up to that refund claim by the customer. This requires no reminder or warning by Media Direkt Service.

Formation of contract and contract duration

By registering on the Internet, the user declares to the terms and conditions have been read and accepted. Media Direkt Service accepts the contract, by sending a greeting letter or a confirmation email. The duration of the free membership is unlimited and can be canceled anytime on both sides. The duration of a paid membership includes at least 1 year and renewed for another year if not terminated with a period of 3 months to the end of the contractual period, not before the end of the first contract period. The notice must be sent in writing to Media Direkt Service. The free standard membership of the user is not affected by layoffs in addition completed paid memberships of the user. Media Direkt Service reserves the right service for free membership types to quit at any time, without the user can raise it into a claim. The right to immediate termination for cause and the right to terminate price increases remain unaffected. An important reason in particular, if the customer registers with willfully misstatement at Media Direkt Service.

Remuneration, payment for supplementary services to / Premium Memberships

The free Media Direkt Service Membership is free of charge. Service // Media Directly after the Performance / Price List valid charges: http: For Premium Membership species on the website apply. The user gives for paid additional premium memberships Media Direkt Service with the submission of personal information, an effective direct debit authorization for its stated current account at a German bank. The payment of the license fee by means of direct debit. This one provided by the user account is used as a reference account for Refund amounts. Service contributions are collected by Direct Media Service for the duration of the contract period in advance applying agreed payment method. Media Direkt Service reserves the right to conduct a credit check, and in case of a negative credit rating feedback as well as in the event of a chargeback to terminate this payment or service for the user. The User agrees to notify a change in its accounting data without delay and with this message automatically to debit this account specified. The user may query the tarnished statement Balance within a billing period at Media Direkt Service. When the user's payment arrears Media Direkt Service is entitled to block access to the online service, if the user is not within four weeks of receipt in its payment obligations has met despite a reminder in text form. The user is required to continue to pay the contractual fees for a lockout. The right to assert a claim for damages and resignation from the contract for late payment shall not be affected by these regulations.

Personal additional offers

Furthermore, Media Direkt Service or third parties may optionally provide additional services. If necessary, chargeable additional services are provided to the Media Direkt Service -member for at least 2 weeks free available for testing. The member shall be informed of the right of withdrawal at any time and the importance of his silence. If the member wants the additional services offered NOT, it must respond in writing. If it does not and pays the member after the expiration of the probationary period in the payment requested by the member and method of the fee for the additional service, the offer shall be deemed accepted. In addition to the Media Direkt Service -Vertrag then comes another, from the standard Media Direkt Service Membership independent contractor, concluded. The Terms and Conditions of Additional Services receives the Media Direkt Service -member separate post or email. The costs for additional services can be canceled at anytime without notice for any reason, without using a Media Direct is touched Service -Mitgliedschaft. The Media Direkt Service memberships may also be terminated separately without giving reasons for each contract maturity, without thereby possibly completed additional services and other media are directly affected service memberships. Each Media Direkt Service -Member, which generally has no interest in supplementary services to can, can be disabled for this form of advertising.

Purchase Communities

Media Direkt Service provides the possibility that users close to buying a Community obligation together to acquire in a given category described in your product cheaper by purchasing power pooling on his platform. Media Direkt Service meant by buying community, a number of users, who want a particular product range acquire each individual product and anonymously join together to purchasing power pooling without any legal connection / obligation to obtain a better price for their respective product described. Media Direkt Service forwards the items requests the purchase community members to selected companies. Companies can make the users for your particular product purchase requests an individual written offer which are not under an obligation. The offer of Media Direkt Service to the respective users forwarded to its specified email. The user is not obliged to accept an offer. The User has the right to leave the buying community. By leaving the buying community of users pulls his request back. Media Direkt Service is acting solely as an intermediary between users and companies at the solicitation of an offer price to the respective described by the users desire products. Media Direkt Service can guarantee any offers from companies. Media Direkt Service is not liable for the offers of their respective companies. Media Direkt Service is not liable for the purchase and any arising in this context contractual terms between users and providers of the respective product desired by the user. The User agrees to participate in the buying community that his email can be forwarded to the respective product companies in order to submit a quotation for the user to be desired product. More user data will not be transmitted. The respective provider companies are obliged following its submission to delete the data. Media Direkt Service assumes no liability for the correct handling of user data protection data by providers. Media Direkt Service will generally not be liable for any actions the provider companies. Media Direkt Service provides exclusive and free product purchase requests of users to party companies without any legal obligation

Privacy Policy

Media Direkt Service shall inform the Customer hereby in accordance with valid under applicable law privacy policy that all data provided by the user when registering Media Direkt Service provided or to be recorded in the course of the use of Media Direkt Service, properly of Media Direkt Service and be managed to the highest safety standards. The user can view the data given by him at Media Direkt Service to its customers login anytime and others. Direct Media Service holds with respect to the personal data of the user, a data-protection laws. The data will be kept strictly confidential. Media Direkt Service shall take appropriate technical precautions to prevent access by unauthorized third parties possibilities to the user's data in the context of reasonable technical means. The collection of data is used in addition to the purposes for which personal service, advertising and market research for Media Direkt Services and their affiliates, including for purposes of commercial use by third parties (service companies, banks, insurance companies, e-commerce provider, lotteries, etc. .). Media Direkt Service is authorized to use the information of the members fully and marketing. Media Direkt Service is also entitled to transfer benefits all relevant customer data described below under the "Personal additional services to third parties" for a successful completion of the services offered in addition. By registering, the user agrees to receive exclusive offers and interesting news at irregular intervals by email, post or telephone. The completion of all data is voluntary, however, the data indicated in the Internet portal with (*) are required to provide the requested services to the user. Every customer has the right to object to the use of their data for purposes of advertising, market research or opinion in writing (this is the name and address of notified). A part of the essence of the Service Media Service Direct is the forwarding of personal data of the user. Media Direkt Service can compliance with data protection rules only in so far as the guarantee agency relationship with the patrons range. Therefore Media Direkt Service does not guarantee that third parties, in particular partner companies also carefully repeated with the personal data of the user. Media Direkt Service is not liable for a breach of the data protection regulations by third parties.

Limitation of liability / warranty

Media Direkt Service is only liable for intent and gross negligence. This does not apply to claims for damages from third parties, and quality assurances for the breach of contractual obligations that are essential or important for the purpose of the contract. Unforeseeable damage and consequential damages and indirect damages are completely exempted from liability. Liability of Media Direkt Service in accordance with the foregoing provisions shall only apply to their own service Media Direkt Service. Media Direkt Service assumes no liability for damages arising in the sphere of its partners. Media Direkt Service is not liable for possibly not or incorrectly paid cash reimbursements of the respective product manufacturer. Specifically excluded is liability for misuse of personal data by designated partners. Media Direkt Service is not liable for damage caused by the user, in particular by providing incorrect or not updated user data. For lack arising from the specifications of the Internet, such as failure of servers or other providers Media Direkt Service is not liable. Media Direkt Service is available for all of the content of third party websites is made to the direct or indirect, to the site of Media Direkt Service is not responsible. Media Direkt Service also not liable for the contents of any linked site. Media Direkt Service emphasizes that no influence on the design and content of the linked sites. This declaration applies to all links on the site Media Direkt Service contained links to third party websites. For technical reasons, Media Direkt Service no awareness or liability for its accessibility by e-mail or for the availability of the URL http //: Media Direkt Service to take. Media Direkt Service also does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the transported data over the Internet. Media Direkt Service may terminate or modify the Service at any time. This is especially true when the safety and / or regular and proper implementation of technical and / or legal reasons so require. Media Direkt Service also reserves the right to interrupt the Service exchange to exclude or to integrate new operators in this service integrated provider. You can not claim entitlement to the maintenance of parts of the Service or the Service as a whole from the use of Media Direkt Service. The user agrees that any changes on the website Media Direkt Service of Media Direkt Service to communicate.


Media Direkt Service is legal owner of the website's content and the database. All copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights to the database works, the database and the pre-set content, data, and other elements exclusively for Media Direkt Service. The customer may not fully use the data obtained by query, nor partially or in part, neither to build your own database in any form of media still / or. For commercial data recovery or provide information nor / or for any other commercial exploitation The linking, integration or other relation of the database or individual elements of the database with other databases or meta-databases is prohibited.

Right of withdrawal

The user has the right to revoke his registration within 14 days of receipt of the welcome letter or the confirmation email without giving reasons in writing. To comply with the deadline. The revocation must be sent to: support4customer @ Media Direkt Service

Final Provisions

The user has been elucidated expressly accordance with the Consumer Protection Act before signing the contract on the local information requirements. Changes and additions to these terms and conditions remain Media Direkt Service reserved. The user accepts these Terms and Conditions in their amended. Media Direkt Service is entitled to amend these terms at any time or replace it. The Terms of Use are part of the contract in the currently valid at the time of use version. The user recognizes for the first time with the input of the welcome letter or the confirmation email as binding. Collateral agreements must be in written form. It is only the law of the country of domicile of the operator, the application of the CISG is excluded. Place of performance and jurisdiction is the seat of the operator. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.


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